Wall Street Journal – Power Plate REV

Tack till Wall Street Journal för att ni inkluderade vår nya REV-cykel i artikeln ”The New Fitness Gadgets That Promise to Change Your Life” 

REV från Power Plate – träningscykeln med vibrerande pedaler för att öka träningsintensiteten. 


Citat från Wall Street Journals artikel:

”Here, a look at some new gizmos to sweat over in 2024.

A Vibrating Stationary Bike

The REV from Power Plate vibrates to increase workout intensity. It feels like riding a bike over cobblestones, though the jiggling is not so extreme that it makes the user’s voice wobble, said Lee Hillman, chief executive of Performance Health Systems, the parent company of Power Plate.

The New Fitness Gadgets That Promise to Change Your Life© Provided by The Wall Street Journal

“It’s not shaking you violently,” said Hillman, who calls the bike’s accompanying whirring sound about as loud as a treadmill and “not deafening at all.”

The company has spent 10 years refining the idea, including trying to get just the right amount of vibration—too much and the bike threatened to fall apart. An app takes users through 13 different types of workouts lasting from around eight to 25 minutes. The REV, priced at $5,995, was soft launched late last year with a formal marketing campaign planned for spring 2024.”



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