Drug-free alternative to increase bone density and strengthen bone structure. 

The bioDensity system safely helps increase bone density by stimulating the body's natural bone rejuvenation process. Based on existing science regarding bone load / compression, bioDensity provides optimal biomechanics for self-compression of bones, adapted stimulation to increase bone density and strengthen tendons and ligaments.

Research has shown that activities that contain a relatively high load are most effective in increasing or maintaining bone mass. With bioDensity, the user / patient is put in an optimal biomechanical position, which enables loads that are several times the body weight, these weights are close to or equal to shock loads. (See below) Users / patients' DXA examinations have shown that BMD (g / cm2) / osteoporosis has improved clearly from an average of 7.02 to 14.9% in the hips and 7.73 to 16.6% in the spine after one year of training. (see below) The level of effect is far above what can normally be shown in traditional care. Furthermore, researchers have measured similar performance improvement in 2380 patients, (see below), muscle mass has also been shown to be affected by HbA1c reduction.