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Power Plate Fitstop ™

FitStop helps companies and organizations in their proactive wellness work for a healthier, happier and more efficient workplace.

It is common knowledge that prolonged periods of physical inactivity, such as sitting, are harmful. This regardless of whether you train a couple of times a week or not. Symptoms such as tense neck and shoulders, increased stress and headache are common.

But it can also lead to significantly worse conditions that can result in mental and physical illness which in turn results in sick leave. This is a trend we want to break!

The optimal would be to take a 25 minute walk every two hours but who gets it ?! More and more employers are paying wellness allowances so that employees can train before / after work or during lunch. They also carry out various forms of wellness activities. Experience shows that many of these initiatives only reach those who are already physically active and do not succeed in engaging those "who know they should" but do not seem to get exercise into their hectic everyday lives.

Power Plate is a vibrating platform that activates the body's natural reflex system. It makes users feel better through increased muscle activity and improved circulation. With three-dimensional harmonic and medically approved vibrations, between 30-40 muscle contractions are created per second. Today, Power Plate is used by elite athletes, in gyms, by exercisers, for rehabilitation and more.

With the FitStop solution, Power Plate is used for 3-minute activation sessions. The practitioner chooses between 4 different programs and easily follows different exercises that are shown on the machine's touch display. You do not need to be replaced. A 3 minute FitStop corresponds to about 20-25 minutes walk. The various programs are created to counteract the negative effects of sedentary and physical inactivity, such as stiffness, "gamnacke", back pain, fatigue, blood sugar fluctuations and weakened immune system.

The FitStop concept includes one or more Power Plate my7, introduction and training of users, ongoing support and the Fitstop app where you can, among other things, be reminded to complete and register your workouts.