Power Plate Sweden on The Lobby!

From 8 / 1-8 / 2, Power Plate Sweden is available at The Lobby Stockholm, Regeringsgatan 61. There we exhibit two of our solutions: FitStop, the solution for companies where we actively oppose our increasingly sedentary everyday life. Read more about FitStop

In addition to FitStop, we have with us Personal Power Plate, the smaller machine that is suitable for home use, among other things.     Learn more about Personal

The Lobby is open between 10-19 on weekdays and 10-18 on Saturdays, the machines can be seen throughout the period. Book a meeting with us via ours contact form


During the period, there is also the opportunity to participate in one of our group trainings, at Personal Power Plate. There are small groups of 6 participants per group. Everyone can participate, but if you have a medical condition, are pregnant or have had a new operation, we want you to contact us first.

The pass is run Wednesdays and Thursdays the whole period. Two sessions a day. On Wednesdays it is After Work Workout at 17.30-17.55 and 18.00-18.25. On Thursdays we offer morning training. The first session is 07.30-07.55, followed by the next 08.00-08.25.

The workouts include warm-up, training and recovery in the form of a nice massage!

Come changed and be in place five minutes before the session starts. Shower facilities are lacking.

Of course it costs nothing to join!

To participate in one of our sessions, send an email to stars@thelobbystockholm.se Write Power Plate and the time and date you want to participate in the subject line. Enter name and number in the email.

Due to the limited number of places, registration must be made no later than 24 hours before the selected passport.